Quantum Project burns 310,562 QAU in it's latest destruction event
$0.1615 (-2.34%) 0.00001900 BTC (-5.00%) 0.00023938 ETH (-0.18%)
Quantum is one of the first real deflationary currencies in the world.
Destruction timeline
Projected coin supply: QAU
QAU destroyed
309,841 QAU
QAU destroyed
310,562 QAU
QAU bought back

What is Quantum?

Quantum is one of the first real deflationary currencies in the world.
Quantum tokens are bought back, sent to the black hole address and cryptographically destroyed on a monthly basis. This process causes the amount of units in existence to decrease every month and makes Quantum stand out in the world of money printing and inflationary currencies!
Since there are less Quantums available as the time goes by, the remaining units still held by investors gain in value as the destruction process puts constant upward pressure on the price.


We put all bitcoins received from the sale of Quantum tokens into a pool of funds that we call Liquidity Pool. These bitcoins are then put to work and generate interest from lending to exchanges for margin trading, making markets, arbitraging price differences between different exchanges and other forms of possible low risk income generation.
All income from these activities is then used to buy back Quantum tokens on the market and send them to a black hole address.
At the end of the month we take all Quantums in the black hole address and cryptographically destroy them by using a smart contract on the Ethereum network.

Project timeline

Stage 1
May 2016
Initial idea
Stage 2
December 2016
Describing the inital idea of the project.
Stage 3
January 2017
Domain registration
Stage 4
Apr 15th 2017
ICO started
Fund raising started on Apr 15th 2017.
Stage 5
May 15th 2017
ICO ended
Quantum Project raised 2,417 BTC.
Stage 6
September 5th 2017
Second generation website
Launch of the new Quantum platform.
Stage 7
October 2017
Q3 report release
Release of the report detailing Q3 2017 operations.
Stage 8
January 2018
Q4 report release
Release of the report detailing Q4 2017 operations.
Stage 9
Q3 2018
B2B liquidity platform
Release of our dynamic liquidity sharing platform.

Quantum Team

Nejc Bukovec
Business Development
Business analyst and financial asset trading professional.
Damian Merlak
Liquidity Pool Manager
Over 10 years of trading experience. Founded Bitstamp in 2011.
Sebastjan Stucl
Community Manager
Years of experience in business and marketing. Big blockchain enthusiast.


Gregor Gololicic
Blockchain Expert Advisor
Experienced blockchain app architect and CTO of GateHub.
Luka Pusic
Security Advisor
Information security professional and blockchain enthusiast.
Gasper Kenda
ICO Escrow
Founder and CEO of Xaurum golden blockchain and Xaurum Gamma.
Jun 12th 2017
GateHub enters into partnership with Quantum Project
Quantum mission aligns with our wish to provide the best possible trading experience
May 17th 2017
Why Quantum is one of the most undervalued cryptocurrencies
It closed its ICO on May 15, 2017 to raise $4.12 million.
Aug 13th 2017
How Quantum's Deflation works
Most monetary ecosystems will want to avoid deflation as much as humanly possible
July 14th 2017
What are buybacks and destruction events?
Every month the Quantum Project conducts a buyback, purchasing QAU at the lowest available price